Elisio dialysers

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When Nipro set out to reimagine the single use, hollow-fiber dialyzer, our goal was to evolve the new ELISIO™ into a product delivering multiple, valuable advantages. Our design and engineering teams accomplished these objectives, innovating an array of powerful, practical benefits.

Our exclusive POLYNEPHRON™ membrane is designed to function more like the human kidney to deliver better clearance performance.


• More homogenous pore sizes, resulting in better clearances of uremic toxins and low molecular weight proteins like β2-microglobulin and myoglobin, with limited loss of important proteins such as albumin.
• Unique ripple structure inside the dialyzer creates more homogenous flow, enhancing small molecule clearances.
• Ultra smooth polyurethane cut surface minimizes risk of blood cell damage and clotting, resulting in better rinseback to patients.
• Improved header shape with redesigned caps to optimize blood flow dynamics.
• Header caps are permanently attached, eliminating unexpected removal or reuse.


• The only dialyzer made with polymers not containing BPA or DEHP, both proven to be endocrine disruptors.


• Lighter than existing dialyzers to reduce shipping and disposal costs, plus it requires fewer raw materials to produce.

European Scientific Commitee Recommends BPA-Free Medical Devices When Possible

In the last few years some European countries already made steps towards banning Bisphenol A (BPA) in consumer goods. In France and Denmark it has already been banned from baby bottles and Denmark also banned it from food containers for children. This guideline was taken over by the European Union in 2011 regarding the baby bottles and 

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